Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

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Eyelashes fall out all the as anyone who wears contact lenses will tell you. Unaided they can take about four to eight weeks to grow back. Unless their has been some trauma done to the follicle your eyelashes need to grow back to provide protection to the eyes from dust and sweat. This is just genetics.

However your eyelashes are not constantly growing. The follicle does go into a dormant stage where it rests until the eyelash cycle is complete and it is time for it to resume growing. This is why many women swear by eyelash stimulators and conditions. The stimulate the lash at the follicle to speed up this process and result in fuller and thicker lashes.

If you have eyelash loss and do nothing you will normally see them come back in a few weeks. It takes about six weeks for them to reach full length.

Severe loss of eyelashes is madarosis. People who have an under performing thyroid will often lose their eyelashes in small clumps.

One way to avoid pulling out your eyelashes or damaging the follicle is to be careful when applying fake eyelashes. Follow the directions exactly or consider having them done by a professional. Pulling them off can be especially damaging and you will only have to wait longer for your real eyelashes to grow back.